Anti-age serum Hyaluron and Collagen

SKU: 77384 VB. 20 ml
Anti-age serum Hyaluron and Collagen
Anti-age serum Hyaluron and Collagen

Victoria Beauty Hyaluron + MatrixylTM  and Collagen Instant Anti-Age Effect Serum

A concentrated product, specially formulated to provide effective skin care against the signs of aging,

relying on a powerhouse active-ingredient complex.

MatrixylTM  patented, clinically-proven peptide composition. A widely-renowned anti-aging ingredient,

MatrixylTM noticeably improves skin texture, refines the facial contour and successfully counteracts the effects of aging

for a visibly younger and healthier appearance.

Collagen – one of the major building blocks of skin, collagen upkeeps its strength and firmness.

Hyaluronic acid - a hydrating agent that can hold 200 times its own weight in water. Instantly quenches skin's thirst for moisture,

making it fresh and toned.

How to use: Apply mornings and/or evenings  on well-cleansed skin on its own or in a combination with a face cream.


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