Argan Oil Evterpa

SKU: 4009 EV. 10 ml

Argan oil regulate blood pressure, balance cholesterol, helps the liver and stimulates cellular exchange. Argan oil will update the overall look of your skin and protect it from aging. It acts strongly anti-inflammatory and helps against acne, eczema, herpes, psoriasis and burns. The oil soothes the skin, moisturize successfully and prevents wrinkles. Nourishing effect of the oil most distinctly is performed onr the hair- rapid growth, prevents breaking and flowering. Argan oil stimulates the synthesis of collagen.
Argan oil for your face: A few drops of oil can be put on the palms and with gentle movements be applied on the entire face and neck. Massage gently in the sensitive areas. Massage gently in the sensitive areas. The remaining oil can be rubbed into the nail, which will improve their strength.
Argan oil on your hair: On washed and damp hair apply a few milliliters of oil on your fingers and spread it along its length and allow it to dry naturally. Argan oil is suitable for masks in combination with other oils and for use in ready hair masks. For faster healing of hair, a larger amount of oil can be applied to the hair roots. Allow 20-25 minutes, then washed with suitable for your hair shampoo.


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