Hydra Fresh Day Cream Hyaluron-Filler

Hyaluronic acid and Pomegranate oil.
SKU: 91440 BF. 50 ml

An elegant and innovative formula inspired by the "Healthy and Beautiful Skin" concept. The cream has been created to protect effectively from the daily aggressors and to provide comfort all day long. After use the skin is refreshed, hydrated and prepared for the day's challenges.
Directions for use:
Apply each morning with light massage movements on a well cleansed skin.


Resveratrol - a powerful polyphenol antioxidant that is synthesized by a series of plants to protect themselves from the environmental aggressors and pathogens. Resveratol's effectiveness is due to its ability to permeate the skin barrier and to provide an integrated biologicaly powerful action. It has been proven that it * protect the cells from damages by effectively neutralizing the free radicals * activates the synthesis of youth proteins and of collagen * possesses anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial proporties * evens out the skin tone.   

Organic pomegranate oil - it is obtained by cold-pressing the seeds of the pomegranate fruit. The oil is an irreplaceable helper in the protection of the skin from the free radicals and stress caused by the negative action of the UV radiation and pollution. The high content of the rare Omega-5 punicic acid contributes to the exceptional qualities of the pomegranate seed oil. It has a calming action and facilitates the rapid regeneration of the skin by soothing, smoothing and softening.  

Amiporine ®ER* - is a powerful weapon in the battle against skin ageing.

High molecular weight Hyaluronic acid - a high molecular weight linear polysaccharide, a key component of the human skin with an important structural function. It has high water-binding capacity.


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